Simon Swan

Simon Swan joined Ngamuru in July 2019 and is a skilled and experienced manager with substantial public and private sector experience – particularly in the information technology and financial management sectors. Simon joined Ngamuru Advisory in July 2019 as an Adviser. 

He has a broad range of skills, experience and other attributes that enable him to positively contribute to a team environment where cohesion and productivity are demanded. 

Simon’s recent public sector roles have built a strong understanding and experience in contract management, project management, procurement, governance, financial management and program administration. He has the capability and capacity to contribute at both the strategic and operational levels and has the experience required to initiate, manage, control and report on program, project and governance activities.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Banking & Finance), University of Canberra (1989)
  • Tier 2 Adviser in Basic Deposit Products & Non-Cash Payment Facilities, Australian College of Commerce & Management (2004)
  • Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting), Bayley & Associates Pty Ltd (2013)

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Simon Swan

Simon Swan

  • Adviser
  • Suite 4 (Ground Floor)
  • 59 Wentworth Avenue
  • Kingston, ACT 2604