What do we do?

 What do we do

Through our strategic and commercial advice, Ngamuru Advisory assists clients to set up their projects for success.  We also help clients throughout the implementation phase to make sure that the project delivers the expected outcomes.  We are committed to helping government clients deliver their projects for the good of the nation and the greatest benefit of the taxpayer.  

Our strength comes from having experienced personnel who are passionate about delivering great outcomes for Government.

We are focused on providing the right service, by the right people, for the best outcome for our clients. 

We can help you with:

  • Analysing your project delivery options
  • Developing your business case
  • Developing your acquisition strategy or project plan
  • Developing your commercial arrangements
  • Project management and delivery
  • Undertaking your procurement
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract management
  • Reviewing your procurement
  • Probity advice

Why choose us? 

Our people have extensive experience and expertise in providing advice and assistance to Government and industry in project planning and delivery. Our people have established reputations for their expertise, professionalism, reliability and enthusiasm. 

It is very important to get involved early in the lifecycle of the project.  Often advisers are engaged when a project is already someway down the track and it can be difficult to redirect the project onto the right path.  By getting the right advice at the start of the project, it can be set-up for success at the outset. 

We want to deliver significant value to our clients and be highly valued by them in return.  It is important to us that we deliver practical, helpful advice and assistance to our clients and that they are able to achieve what they set out to do. We are successful only if our clients are successful.

Our people regularly deal with sensitive information, and we understand the need to manage that information appropriately and to avoid conflicts of interest in all dealings.